Hi there! My name is Omar (aka Omarito). I was born in Monterrey, Mexico. All my life I have been constantly drawing, painting, reading comics and books, watching cartoons and movies, thanks to this I've developed enjoyment for all these things and that's why I decided to follow this path as an Artist.

My professional career started at a studio called Graphikslava, where I had the chance to work as colorist in titles from publishers such as Marvel, DC, IDW and Stonearch. There I also had the chance to appear in a tribute book from UDON (Megaman Tribute). Thanks to this studio I had the opportunity to work with Edgar Delgado in his comicbook remake: ULTRADUCK.

Then I worked in the game industry for a couple of years as a Concept Artist at CGBot where I worked in titles from Zynga, Bioware, DCUniverse. I also had the chance to work in the first stages of the Skullgirls fighting game as a Cleanup Artist.

Then I worked with Stonearch again in a couple of books then moving as Visual Development Artist to the animation industry at Martoos Studios.

Thanks, and Welcome to my website!